Top 10 Products to Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer. It’s all about getting outdoors, having fun in the sun and beating the heat.

Here are our Top 10 Summer Product picks to help get your furry and feathered friends amongst the Summer fun and keep safe in the hot weather!

CHUCKIT! Hydro Flyer

We all know how much dogs love Frisbees, so ChuckIt! have taken your regular flying disc and modified it for summer with the Chuckit! Hydro Flyer. Throw it in the pool or take it to the beach – the wetter the better for this toy with its internal reservoir that holds water, and then sprays when the Flyer is thrown through the air. Talk about cooling down the cool way!


JW INSIGHT Inside-The-Cage Bird Bath (cm 15L x 6W)


Is there anything better on a hot day than having a dip in nice cool water? Nope… and your birds agree! Pop the JW Insight Inside-The-Cage Bird Bath into their cage with water and they will soon be splashing the day away and tweeting happy Summer tunes as they cool off in the bath.


PAWZ Doggy Life Jacket 

While we wish that summer could be all fun and games, we do understand the importance of keeping ourselves and our pets safe while we enjoy the outdoors. The Pawz Doggy Life Jacket is designed with safety and practicality in mind. It boasts safety features such as reflective strips for high visibility, a handle and quick release buckles, as well as being quick drying with a mesh underbelly.

Available across 5 sizes in 2 styles - Yellow Polyester/PVC or Yellow & Purple Neoprene/Foam.


ZEEZ Platinum Elevated Pet Bed

There seems to be endless options for winter bedding for our pets but the warm, padded loungers and sofas just don’t make sense as an option for Aussie Summers! An elevated flat bed like the Zeez Platinum Elevated Pet Bed is perfect for summer. Not only does the mesh breathe, but the raised base allows air to flow underneath to cool your pets down, or allows water to dry off quicker after their swim. It is easy to assemble and disassemble making it easily transportable too.

Available across 3 sizes in 2 colours - Shiraz or Black. Replacement covers also available.


SCREAM Cool Pad 

Possibly one of the best budget-friendly options for keeping your pets cool on hot days. Your pet sits on the Scream Cool Pad which absorbs their body heat and dissipates it back into the air. It differs to other cool pads and mats on the market as it is a gradual cooling system – not as much of a shock to the system for your pets as it is to sit on an already-cold surface. The best thing about Scream Cool Pad is that it requires No refrigeration, No electricity and No Water which makes it perfect for home or on-the-go.

Available across 5 sizes in 2 colours - Loud Pink or Loud Blue


PETKIN Doggy Sunwipes SP15* Pk of 20 

‘Have you put Sunscreen on!!?’ As annoying as it was when we were kids, these familiar words from our parents sure did save us from that wicked sunburn on a lot of occasions. Now that we are fur-parents it is important to protect your dogs and cats from the harsh sun as well with Petkin Doggy Sunwipes. They are a great quick and easy way to provide sun protection to your pets’ delicate areas – simply wipe on anytime for instant sun protection! They come in a handy re-sealable pack which means you can throw it in your bag ready for a day at the beach.


AQUA BUDDY Automatic Waterer 1.89 Litres 

When we’re thirsty it’s easy enough for us to run to the tap and refill but unfortunately our dogs can’t do this. The Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer has been described as ‘the ultimate set and forget automatic water bowl’ – and we might just have to agree! Just attach it to your garden hose and the float-controlled water level means you never have to worry about it overflowing or drying up, leaving you with more time to play with your pets.


METRO Cage/Crate Cooling Fan  


We wouldn’t hop in the car without the Air-Con or fan in summer so why would we subject our pets to summer travel without something to keep them cool? If your pets are caged for travel, a gadget like the Cage/Crate Cooling Fan works wonders to keep the cool air circulating until they reach their destination. This compact fan is ultra quiet with a powerful air flow and attaches to any cage, crate or pet carrier with its retractable hangers. You can choose from 2 Speeds to make travelling a breeze!


PRESTIGE Moisture Magnet Drying Towel 50cm x 20cm

It’s a familiar story – you’ve been for a dip with your dog and then just finish towel drying yourself… only to have your dog shake-dry all over you! Wouldn’t it be good to be one step ahead of the game and dry off your pets before they shake? The Moisture Magnet Drying Towel actually absorbs 10 times it weight in liquid. Don’t worry if your pets beat you inside before they were dry, the Moisture Magnet can also be used on carpets and around the house.



Animals have such a fascination and curiosity with water and we can’t always be there when our pets decide that its time to go for a swim. The Skamper Ramp is the smart way to ensure that your pets always have a safe way to exit the pool when they need to. It may be lightweight but this strong durable ramp could be the difference between a pet getting out of a pool safely or the sad but all-too-real situation of a pet tiring and possibly drowning. It is chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant which means it will last throughout continuous use.


However you and your pets decide to enjoy the warmer months, we hope that you stay safe, keep cool and that these great products help you Beat The Heat This Summer!

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