Beat The Heat This Summer

Top 10 Products to keep your pets cool

Here are our Top 10 Summer Product picks to help get your furry and feathered friends amongst the Summer fun and keep safe in the hot weather!

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Anxious Pets & ThunderShirts

Helping your pet cope with stress

It’s storm season again and our thoughts turn to those of our pets that are reduced to a nervous wreck by the rumble of thunder and scary flashes of lightning. Thunderstorms can be a source of great fear and anxiety for dogs and cats and, until recently . . . . 

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Keeping Your Pet Cool

Surviving those summer scorchers

Australia is a hot place, with average summer temperatures starting in the mid to high 20’s and even further up the scale to the high 30’s. Being ill prepared for scorching hot days is not only extremely dangerous for us, spare a thought for our 4 legged furry friends as well as our feathery mates.

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Ideal First Pets For Kids

The Shop4Pets definitive guide to selecting their first pet! 

Kids love Pets! Pets give children warm, loving companionship, teaching them to be responsible individuals.

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August is Dental Health Month

Bad breath is not normal

Four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three suffer from some sort of dental disease, which more often than not goes completely unnoticed by their owners.

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