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Let’s face it – you don’t own cats. They own you. Whether your ‘owner’ is an indoor cat or a free spirit who prefers to roam far and wide, we have what you need to make sure you’re your cat’s favourite person.

From cat food to cat beds and cat carriers, to grooming, collar and accessories, we have a complete selection to meet your needs. With our simple online ordering system and same-day dispatch, buying cat products online has never been easier.

The One-Stop Shop for All Your Cat’s Needs

Shop4Pets understands that you want the best for your preened fur babies. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we stock only the most reliable and high-quality cat supplies, leaving your cat healthy and happy from head to paw.

Here are some of the products you will find in our range:

Cat Food

We have the juiciest, tastiest food for your feline companion. Does your cat have the eye of the tiger? It’s not surprising. Cats are meat-loving carnivores by nature. They need plenty of protein and comparatively smaller portions of carbohydrates. You should give them a balanced and nutritious diet to keep them healthy and roaring. Every cat is unique, and no single food type fits all. Browse our full range here.

Cat Treats

Every now and again, your cat deserves a treat, or ten. From Hush and Toke’s Fish nibbles to Roast Chicken Treats from Australian Pettreats, we have the purrfect prizes to reward good behaviour. Browse our full selection here.

Cat Grooming Products

Your cat may be a fastidious self-cleaning machine, but they can always benefit from an extra hand.  Take care of your cat’s skin, fur and claw with our selection of grooming products.

With Shop4Pets’ commitment to quality and excellent delivery service, you can buy your cat products online with confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a ring. You can also message us, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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