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Shop4Pets wants only the best for you and your pets. With our selection of ZeeZ pet supplies, our shoppers have access to some of the most durable, stylish products on the market.

ZeeZ Pet Products takes pride in its innovation in pet care, homeware, toys and accessories. And we at Shop4Pets proudly offer the brand’s stylish designer dog mats, pillows, cushions, as well as portable snugglers, mattress, sofa beds and more.

For pets and pet parents who want the best, ZeeZ is the answer.


A happy pet needs a cosy bed. ZeeZ offers a wide selection of mats, cushions and sofa beds to keep even the most discerning pets warm and cosy.

ZeeZ Dog Beds

The ZeeZ dog beds add extra class to your pet home. The item is available in Orange Monarch, Grey Tweet and Outback Crowprint, and comes with zip-off covers and a non-slip base.

ZeeZ Comfort Mattress Bed

The ZeeZ Comfort Mattress bed offers extra padding for your picky pet. The bed is made from comfortable soft beige faux fur and brown linen material.

ZeeZ Ortho Memory Foam

The Ortho Memory Foam mats are the perfect resting spot for your pampered pet. With a non-slip backing, the memory foam adds extra comfort to keep your pet nice and snug after a day of activities.

ZeeZ Luxury Sofas

Take your pet’s comfort to the next level and make them feel like royalty with the ZeeZ Luxury Sofa Bed.

ZeeZ Cuddlers

The Zeez Cuddler has a reversible cushion and a non-slip bed for extra cosiness. Choose between dark leopard print faux fur with black corduroy and grey tweed fabric with grey faux fur.

There are more amazing products in the ZeeZ range. Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with our Sales page to know which ZeeZ products are on sale.

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