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Brush up on your pet grooming skills with Scream grooming products. Comb, brush, detangle – Scream’s range of grooming tools will keep your pet’s coat and fur looking and feeling amazing.


The Scream Slicker Brush, combs and rakes come with Rotating Teeth that go 360 degrees to provide a gentle groom, making it easy to remove knots. They glide through the undercoat to lift out matted hair. The pins are iron-plated for optimum durability, and the rubber grip and plastic moulding make the tools comfortable and easy to use. With Scream’s grooming supplies, every day is a great hair day for your fur babies.

Importance of Combing and Brushing Your Pet

Although pets do a lot to keep their coats clean, they need your help with brushing. Daily brushing removes excess hair from their coat and reduces the amount of hair you have to vacuum off your furniture, car and your clothes. Brushing also helps distribute the natural oils in the skin and fur, keeping the coat looking and feeling its best.

Brush time is a great way to check your pet’s health. While brushing, look closely at the coat’s condition. Is it tangled or matted? Dry or oily? Look for hair mats, lumps, fleas, ticks, cuts and anything that looks unusual.


Scream’s trimmers and clippers keep bad nails a thing of the past. The Scream Nail Trimmer for cats and dogs is made of stainless steel trimmer blade, used best when your pet is relaxed.

Importance of Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

Nails and claws that are too long can chip and break, creating a painful condition that may require a visit to the vet. For cats, trimmed claws can prevent painful breakage that happens when a sharp tip gets caught in the carpet. For dogs, nails that are too long make movement awkward and painful, and can sometimes curl around and become buried in their paws. Nipping the tips prevents this problem and makes life more comfortable for you and your pet.

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