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Shop4Pets is proud to offer a wide range of Scream pet supplies – from bedding, toys, bowls and feeding accessories, cat scratchers to an extensive selection of cat and dog accessories.

Scream is a bright collection of products for pets that like to ‘Live Life Loud!’ Founded in 2015, the brand has steadily grown to become one of the most loved pet supply providers in Australia.

At Shop4Pets, we value quality and affordability. We want our customers – our beloved pet parents – to get access to the market’s best products at great-value prices. By offering Scream cat and dog supplies, we’re able to stand by this promise.

Our Scream range includes the following products:


The Scream Pet House provides warmth, security and a cosy space to curl up. Your dog or cat will be happy to snooze in these after a long day of adventure. The same goes for the Scream Lounger, which offers a perfect spot for relaxation after a day of activities. The Scream Beds are an ideal choice for pet parents and pets with a unique and loud style.


Tug, toss, fetch, chew – Scream will keep those tails wagging. With Rope Man with TPR Head and Velvet Squeaky Toys, fetch time will never be the same. Scream also offers Fatty Mouse, Lattice Ball and Cardboard Roller, which all help stimulate your cat’s natural instinct to chew, scratch, pounce and play.


Scream’s exciting selection of pet bowls is designed for a fun feeding time. All materials are of the highest quality and can withstand the rowdiest of paws and claws. Scream also offers interactive bowls that encourage eating machines to eat more slowly, leading to better nutrient absorption and digestion.

There are lots more from the Scream range! With Scream, you will always find something new and exciting. Choose from their selection and let your pets experience the best in pet supplies and accessories.

For any enquiries, feel free to give us a ring.

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