High-quality Bird Toys Online

Birds are highly intelligent and social animals. Supplementing their surrounding with toys to chew, operate, navigate around and puzzle over is one way to enrich the well-being of these wonderful creatures. Toys allow for visual, auditory and tactile enhancement. And it’s fun - plain and simple!

At Shop4Pets, our wide range of bird toys for sale offers ample opportunity for your birds to have fun while searching for food and developing a variety of skills. We have options suitable for small, medium and large birds.

Our complete range of bird cage toys and accessories includes:

Boredom Buster Toys

From the Click Clack to Crunch & Ding, your birds will love our Boredom Buster Toys. These toys encourage the bird’s natural instinct to chew, climb and play. We have hanging toys made of colourful, enrichment items and eye-catching charms, while our shreddable toys come with soft wood fibrous materials that are fun to chew.

Foot Toys

Our range of foot toy rattles comes in an assortment of styles and designs, from colourful plastic balls with a rattle centre to cute wooden honey dippers with a plastic spinning gear.


We have the perfect foraging toys to capture the interest of birds of different sizes. Watch your birds chew, destroy or manoeuvre our Party Ball, Chew Years Eve, Toss-n-Chew, Paddle Wheel and more. Whatever they do, these activities will keep them happy and chirping.

Plastic Toys

Our Plastic Toy range covers a fun selection of magic hats, toy guitars, punching bags, hourglass mirrors, funhouse mirrors, drums, disco balls, bowling, basketball and more.

Play Gyms

Let your birds climb and roam in a play centre that offers hours of exercise and fun times. The play gym is attachable to the side of the cage, to the top of a flat-topped cage or any safe, flat surface.

Rope Toys

We have rope toys for hours of chewing fun and for occupying the busiest of beaks. Choose from our assortment of colourful cotton rope knotted around a variety of balls, loops, squares and triangles, or fun bowtie-style bundles.

If you have any questions about our online bird toy range, feel free to speak to a member of our team or send us a message via our contact form.

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