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Shop4Pets is a one-stop source for all your bird supply needs. Here are some of the products we offer:

Buy your bird supplies online from Shop4Pets. Whether you’re looking after the birds in your garden, a Canary or a Parrot, we have the products you need to keep your feathered friends a-flutter. We have everything from nutritious bird food and treats to top-quality cage accessories, feeders and waterers.

At Shop4Pets, we are committed to providing premium quality as well as excellent delivery service. Purchase your bird products online with confidence by choosing from our selection.

Don’t forget to visit our Pet Advice page to know more about bird care. We have expert tips on feeding, housing, cleaning and other essentials.

Bird Food

If you select from our range, you can be assured that your bird gets all the necessary nutrition it needs to stay happy and healthy. Our range of mixes uses all-natural ingredients specially formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet. View our complete selection here.

Feeders and Waterers

Whether you’re feeding your pet bird seeds, pellets or some other tasty treat, our broad selection meets your bird feeder and waterer needs. We have stainless steel bowls, plastic cups, coconut cups, treat stick holders, hanging feeder cups and more. Browse the full range here.

Cage Accessories

We have a range of cage furniture and accessories to provide a comfortable and hygienic housing for your bird. View our complete selection of bird baths, ladders, perches and swings, houses, nuts and nests.


We help keep your feathered friend healthy with our range of bird health care products, from worm and lice control to mineral supplements. Our healthcare supplies for birds are specially formulated to aid in muscle formation, strong bones and general well-being. View our full range here.

For any inquiries regarding product details, delivery and shipping, feel free to contact us. You can call 1300 352 796 or send us a message to discuss your needs.


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